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What is the meeting procedure?

All meetings are conducted via video or audio – however you prefer. While this is a departure from the traditional procedure of meeting in person, it allows us to connect with you from anywhere in the country and to keep our services accessible and affordable.


Can you help me with my retirement plans and student loans?

Absolutely. From payments to refinancing to careers to retirement accounts, and life in general, we will help you plan them out and advise you every step of the way. 

How is working with AKTUAL different from other financial organizations?

First, our method is holistic. The world is changing faster than most of us (and most financial companies) can keep up –– polls show over 60% of Americans would fail a financial literacy test, and many don’t know what they don’t know, and justifiably so. In the last 10 years alone, we’ve seen vast and constant changes in the “typical” circumstances of an average taxpayer – such as globalization, student debt, the gig economy (which the tax system is definitely not built for), and policies like the Trump Tax plan. In short, things are complicated. Most financial organizations will approach your needs with tunnel vision – their services start and end with the numbers. 


Each client has a unique story – from careers, gigs, dependents, student loans, investments, etc. – all of which we take into account. Our plans adapt and innovate right alongside you while still keeping your core values at heart. 


Second, most financial organizations adhere to the Suitability Standard as opposed to the Fiduciary Standard. A quick Google search will explain the importance of this difference, but to put it in a nutshell, we put your interests above our own to avoid conflicts of interest and to provide accurate and complete information. Most financial organizations are programmed to advertise products instead of providing advice. Most won’t work with you if you fall under a certain income bracket. We know the sooner you get complete and easy to understand financial guidance, the more successful you’ll be.


Third, the typical fee for other financial organizations and advisors does not include extra costs (such as updates, hours, and forms) that always come up. We provide upfront pricing before you have to make commitments. Once we have the necessary materials and information we will determine our fees based on your unique needs. 


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